Updated 3/2024 ~ updated with current software In the style of many other developers out there, I thought it’d be interesting to collect a list of things that I use throughout my day. Many of these are pretty common for a developer, but there are truly some gems in there (the command line tools especially). I spend most of my time on some kind of web development task, but that also changes to backend, administrating servers, writing Dockerfiles and interviews.

Much of this gear is what I find myself using daily for development or for staying caffeinated and sane :D. Many of these things evolve throughout what I’m doing or the task at hand. For example, I typically use VSCode for config files or for projects in a language that I don’t write a lot of, but I use Webstorm for everything else.

Dev Tools


All the meatspace stuff that is on, close to, or makes up my desk:

Mac Apps

A very abridged list, but some of the important things I start in the morning:


Not all of this I use directly every day, but most of it gets used in some form or another. The Lenovo box is what I run my home automation server on, and things like the Synology are used but in the background or by automation exclusively.